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   Twenty years ago I was lost and alone from the poor choices I had made. I was physically, emotionally and spiritually dying. I did not know how I would survive. Hopeless, I asked God for help, unaware that God's work had already begun and what was ahead was a factor in saving my life. It was then that it was impressed upon me to write a musical account of Jesus Christ's Resurrection. Having abandoned my musical gifts many years before and without access to a musical instrument, I had to pause. The impression remained, so I began the work. I now realize that Jesus Christ's Resurrection is the greatest story of hope ever written. Quoting Wilbur Smith, "It can be denied, but it cannot be disproved". For me, "Risen" is my story of guilt, followed by redemption and forgiveness. I am grateful to God, my family, old friends and new for supporting my transition back to living a healthy and hopeful life.  May God bless you.

-Patrick Tully Bednarz                             



Patrick Bednarz retired after 13 years as the Central MN Re-Entry Project Executive Director (CMNRP). CMNRP's mission is: Creating safer communities by providing ex-offenders the opportunity to transform their lives through positive support, resources and community partnerships.

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